Fat Reducing “Dream Cream” a Reality?

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Eating clean and correct, in addition to having a consistent workout regimen complimenting your HRT program may be going very well. Maybe you have lost inches and feel better. But… you still have some of that frustrating cellulite and subcutaneous fat (jiggly stuff) hanging around that you just can’t quite get to go away.

When the weather is hot, people are dressing less and we want to look our best, having unwanted cellulite may not be cool to you. Having tighter, smoother looking skin with less of the cottage cheese look under it though... You may think “It would be a lot cooler if I did”. Especially if there is a vacation or event coming up quick and you want to fight those lumps & dimples and present a smoother, younger look after peeling back a few layers of clothing. This article is going to discuss ACY (Aminophylline, Caffeine, Yohimbine) cream in relation to these challenges faced by many. 

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  3. The MVP: Aminophylline
  4. Yohimbine: Releasing Fat Prisoners from Cells
  5. How To Get Some ACY Cream


Cellulite Busting OTC Supplements Do NOT Work

Let’s be very clear, cellulite busting pills DO NOT work for reducing subcutaneous fat or cellulite. While they may serve a purpose or two with a small fraction of the population to help reduce water retention for a short time, they aren’t worth it for most. In fact, if used incorrectly or abused, they can be dangerous.

Many other oral OTC “fat burners” often only work to a small degree or compliment one’s foundational program, but with limitations for most. The cost vs reward is often greatly imbalanced. Many of these extracts of herbs are not the correct or useful part of the plant that have been shown to provide medicinal value.

Many companies will simply take the whole plant or less desirable parts of a plant and compact them into pills where you get little to no value but will have the name of that plant on the label. Often, this will cite references on those plant or herb, often a specific & useful part that was studied, such as the leaf, root or maybe the flower, etc. to show medicinal value but also being just a touch misleading. There is a large “buyer beware” on many of these.

There is a process used within the research side of the pharmaceutical industry known as A.D.M.E. which stands for: Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion. These four factors are well worth considering when using any substance or, supplement.

With regards to oral fat loss supplement pills and their efficacy, it is important to not only have the correct extracts but to have them get through the digestive system and out to the proper receiving sites in the body that needs these compounds (if they are the right ones) to effectively help with fat breakdown and aid in weight loss.

This is often, another big guessing game when considering OTC supplements that need to survive the body’s complex digestive and delivery system in a loosely regulated supplement industry.

Tips to Minimize Those Ripples Under the Skin

  • Cut back on salt intake. Consuming too many frozen, packaged, boxed or man-made foods will often in turn have you taking in way too much sodium and lending to water retention, bloating and more. In addition, these type of “Franken-foods” are often high in calories and void in nutrition contributing to packing on unwanted body fat. You can get some tips proper nutrition and more here: What Fit People Eat
  • Drink plenty of H2O! Not drinking enough pure and clean water each day may leave your liver and kidneys a bit stressed while allowing toxins to hide out in the fat layers beneath the skin, making those rippled cellulite bumps stand out more than they should.
  • Aim to drink at least 8-10 glasses of quality water every day. This will also help to hydrate your skin and enable the liver and kidneys to excrete troublesome invaders to our well-being! Read on importance of Liver health: Importance of Liver Health
  • Massage Therapy. Getting quality massage from a professional licensed therapist (not a “happy ending” place in Shady town) can help by stimulating and draining extra fluids being retained in fat cells. When these are not as full, the cottage cheese appearance can be diminished. This is especially true when in combination with an effective topical agent in your corner as well, which we will discuss next. To find a registered and licensed massage therapist near you, here is a great resource for doing so: Licensed Massage Therapists Near You

The MVP: Topical Aminophylline 

Unheard of by most, aminophylline (amino-fill-in) is a powerhouse ingredient to be reckoned with. It is considered by many well-respected experts and medical doctors such as Dr. Oz to be a very effective topical approach to successfully fighting stubborn subcutaneous fat, cellulite and large waist circumference. Cellulite-Before-After-8.8.17.jpg

Also utilized with some inhalable asthma drugs, when aminophylline is applied topically though, it is suspected by some researchers to help break down fat in cells so the body can extract and use that fat more effectively for energy, therefor reducing the size of those fat cells.

Other experts however, believe it is simply effective by dehydrating fat cells and the areas around them where aminophylline is applied. This in effect, decreases girth or size of, fat cells and the thighs, hips and buttocks they reside around.

Either way you look at it, the science and studies behind it are proving to be effective at helping users significantly decrease circumference and/or girth sizes while smoothing out those stubborn cottage cheese resembling areas with much more appealing body parts that one desires!

Here a just a couple of many studies, displaying quite a bit of promise:

Yohimbine: Helping Release Fat Prisoners from Cells, On an Energy Release Program

Topically applied yohimbine HCL (Hydrochloride, which is best kind) can safely block the receptor sites responsible for the absorption and accumulation of fat. One of the big culprits involved in this storage of fat here is the female hormone, estrogen. This encourages more of the fat attracting receptors (Adrenergic/alpha 2 agonist) to be found on those fat cells in typical locations such as around the waist, hips and butt regions on most.

Fellas, you can read a bit more on this topic of estrogen in men here: Men w/ Too Much Estrogen

Yohimbine is known as an alpha 2-blocker and therefore may stop this magnetic attraction of fat to these areas where it is applied. This is where fat is believed to then be used for energy from those areas of application more effectively and, faster.

Where there is often speculation of the medicinal value of yohimbine taken orally for fat loss assistance (remember A.D.M.E.), this topical approach is a great way to simply bypass our complex and tough digestive systems. This can play a very nice supporting role for reducing fat, on the spot!

Caffeine: The Topical Finishing Touch

Providing desired benefits well beyond that cup of Joe, caffeine has shown a ton of promise and has given a lot of assistance to users of it topically applying it to their skin. Caffeine constricts blood vessels to help reduce redness for those users trying to diminish rosacea and the facial flushing that comes with skin conditions. For this topic of discussion applying caffeine topically to our skin for a tighter looking appearance; it works as a diuretic to pull water out from under the skin, “dehydrate” fat cells and it is known to aid in circulation in addition to having antioxidant actions.

In a statement made by Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care; “caffeine is used as an active compound in anti-cellulite products because it prevents excessive accumulation of fat in cells. This alkaloid stimulates the degradation of fats during lipolysis through inhibition of the phosphodiesterase activity.”

Taken internally or applying topically, caffeine stimulates the nervous system and is considered safe in moderate and appropriate amounts. However, too large of an application can produce unwanted side effects and may not be safe, including dehydration and shakiness. This of course, would be silly of someone to apply such an extreme dose to get to this type of concern though. 

How Do I Inquire About Getting ACY Cream?

If you’re a new visitor to YOUTH-RX and would like to know how to incorporate ACY Cream into your current efforts to tighten things up, we may be able to help. question-1618910_960_720.png

Or, maybe you have been on the fence for a while on whether you should embrace a hormone optimizing program or would like to know and explore more on other programs, simply fill out our medical history form below and one of experienced consultants will schedule a complimentary consultation to explain the processes, programs and more to you.

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The team here at YOUTH-RX wishes you well in your journey to look your best!

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