Help Your Friends & Family in 2017

On February 16, 2017 In Wellness 0
Greetings! The team here at YOUTH-RX hopes you are reading this here in good spirits and health as we have 2017 well under way now. We have full intentions to continue striving to provide great programs and give the best customer service possible while simultaneously welcoming more deserving (as we all are!) individuals to be the healthiest and most vibrant version of themselves with us this year. 

This is where you may be able to make a difference in the quality of those lives you care about and help them discover how having optimized hormones can have a positive impact on them as well. If you’re like many Americans, you probably talk to people every day who tell you stories of how tired, stressed out, lazy or unhappy they feel about themselves. In today’s modern world, this is all too often strongly correlated with a dysfunction in one’s endocrine system and imbalanced hormones. This as we should know, is very critical to feeling and looking our best.

Help Others with a Referral

If you share our passion for helping others then let us help you, help those you care about. Here are couple ways we can go about doing so below…

  1. We want to give you 5% for EACH referral you send that comes on board with a program AND give them 5% off their first order as well. You win, they win. And more importantly, you help make a difference in their quality of life. Simply click on this link to provide the information for us to reach out and offer them a complimentary consultation:
  2. If you simply want to introduce them to our articles and blogs that often come out weekly with valuable content, education and information pertaining to looking and feeling our best, copy/paste this link here and give to them:

We Would Rather Give to Our Clients Instead of Paying for Traditional Marketing

Advertising, whether it be traditional radio and newspaper or modern day social media and google ads, can get pretty expensive. We have been fortunate enough through the years to have the privilege of helping hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied clients transform into happier and more energetic individuals who have naturally sent referrals over to us after.

Sharing information or a resource that may help someone is something most of us deep down feel good about doing. The team at YOUTH-RX simply wants to help make as many positive impacts in  the lives of others as we can. Let us help you, help others!

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