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When it comes to looking and feeling our best, being inconsistent without having a plan for executing proper nutrition and exercise is a sure fire way NOT see any measurable results. The goal of this article is to give some ideas that we can implement into our weekly routines to help us stay on track of our fitness and wellness goals.


Many of you reading this are already involved in a wellness optimizing program with an HRT supplement regimen implemented. It is our hope that you are also engaging in a regular workout program with good eating habits as well.


However, we also know that life’s distractions get in and disrupt things way too easily and way too often. Next thing you know, one chaotic week leads to the next and your good intentions of losing those extra 20 unhealthy pounds while addressing some borderline bio markers as they pertain to your health, falls to the wayside.


Those that succeed in any area of life, typically do that thing very well and consistently. Here are a few universal habits that individuals who succeed in having a healthy and fit body, do on a regular basis.


Success Tip #1: Plan Your Meals For The Week


Allocating an hour over the weekend to cook and prepare REAL food that you 100% control so you know what your meals consist of, is of utmost importance. This can’t be stressed enough.


Having prepared meals that are appropriately portioned while having plenty of colorful vegetables and sufficient amounts of protein and healthy fats are essential. Providing optimal nutrition is a critical part of supporting a fit and healthy body in our efforts to performing our best every day - in both body and mind!


Not sure how or what to cook? Here is a very helpful source that simplifies cooking all while catering to whatever your diet goals with eating are, here below:




One last thing you may want to consider here for food prep, is a food scale:



Don’t have an hour or so to dedicate to meal prep? If you say so, you can have somebody else cook, prep and deliver your clean and healthy meals to your doorstep. And, you can also have this catered to whatever your goals with eating are, here below:



What about having heavy traveling schedules you ask? Staying in lots of hotels and on the go often you say? Well, we can still make the best of challenging situations and if this applies here then take a quick read of this blueprint of sorts for road warriors at this link here below:



Success Tip #2: Log Your Foods


Not being completely honest and 100% transparent with everything that is consumed on a daily basis is a huge mistake made by many. Sometimes it is by accident and other times, by not being honest.


We can lie to ourselves and/or our coaches, but that wastes everyone’s time and just causes frustration while delaying progress. “Accidentally” forgetting to log the 3 cups of coffee every day that each contain 4 creamers and a tablespoon of sugar in each one, does count for a lot. Especially over the weeks and months. Just because you don’t see a nutrition label on it doesn’t mean it is irrelevant.


Here are a couple of popular and easy food logging apps:




Once your food logging is done consistently and honestly over 7 or so days, you should have a baseline of where your average daily caloric intake is at in addition to seeing how appropriate your food choices are.


Next and as it relates to one’s caloric intake, is figuring out what our BMR is in our effort to get an idea of what our daily caloric intake SHOULD be. BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate.


You can get an estimate for your BMR here:



You can also purchase this tool below if you want to get an estimate on your body fat percentage:



After using these sources and tools above and now knowing a ballpark number of calories you should be consuming, you can then start to implement the most appropriate foods with any necessary adjustments on portion sizes and total caloric intake to help move towards your goals in the most efficient way possible.


Success Tip #3: Plan + Commit to Working Out 2-4x a Week


The feel good dopamine release and the sustained euphoric spike in energy for hours after, should be enough reason alone to exercise. Successful people understand that the 30-60 minute investment they put into exercise allows them a 10x return on the rewards that come back from it. Elevated mental clarity and sharpness after. More energy. Better performance.


If you’re not currently active and want to get started, simply taking a brisk walk every morning is a great way to start. Day one can be 10 minutes and just add 3 minutes more each day to build your endurance and stamina up.


If you don’t know much about resistance or weight training, you can hire a qualified personal trainer to teach and guide you on learning form, technique and more. A helpful source to find a good trainer near you is at the link here below:



If you are already confident in your abilities to lift weights and you’re comfortable in a gym setting but just need some structure or maybe a plan to follow, you can check out this resource here below for acquiring an applicable program to follow to give yourself some structure and a solid plan for results:



Success Tip #4: Consistently Follow Your Supplement Regimen


For those of us that are on an HRT program and actually want to see the best results come from it, it is imperative that we actually follow the program outline. Just like working out for two weeks in a row but then taking two weeks off here and another week off there because you got distracted watching reruns of Seinfeld while sipping a few brewskies instead; we most likely won’t see any measurable results.


Learning to do anything correctly and then executing consistently are two important pieces to achieving success with any endeavors in life.


For those programs that have injections involved such as HCG or growth hormone; it may be helpful to pre-load syringes for a month out on the first Sunday of the month or when a time is convenient to dedicate to prepping and planning things out for the week(s), ahead.


So for HCG that is scripted for 25 unit shots twice a week as an example; many men find it helpful to simply preload 8 - 9 syringes with HCG up to the 25 mark line at the beginning of every month. When it is time to take a shot, it is then a lot faster and easier to just pull a preloaded 31G syringe out of a sealed plastic bag containing all the preloaded syringes with HCG, cleanse the skin real quick and poke a shot in and be done.


And for any vitamins, medications or supplements; simply get a pill organizer (or two) and load it up every Sunday while your food is cooking. It will probably take 4-5 minutes and then you don’t have to think about it for another week or two but instead, just open and take them with a meal.


I would suggest a detachable pill organizer that has 7 separate components to it so you can take along with you if you will need to take vitamins away from your home and on the go during your day.


Here is an idea for a pill organizer:


Pill Organizer; Click HERE




We can achieve success much easier with implementing and following a plan. We hope this gave a few helpful suggestions to incorporate into your plan for success.


If you have any other questions about optimizing your hormones or any other products and services Youth-Rx offers to help you look and feel your best, let us know how we may be able to assist you.


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