Why Is A “Reboot” Important for Men on Testosterone Injections?

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In addition to this headlining question, you may be asking what is a “reboot” in the first place? In short, it is an effective and beneficial way of “rebooting” a man’s natural part of his endocrine system that keeps his natural androgenic hormones in play, it’s pathways for doing so “receptive” and to preserve his system so as to stay as welcoming as possible to TRT long term.

This typically includes a 30-day protocol for most and sometimes up to 60 days for others looking to come off or permanently stop Testosterone injection programs. In this article here, we are going to explain in easy laymen’s terms the reasons, benefits and logic behind a reboot in addition to explaining common and most effective ancillary used to do so.

A Man’s HPT Axis (HPTA) Explained, In Simple Fashion

When a man introduces an exogenous (external source) of Testosterone (T) via injections, it will affect a man’s endogenous (natural) testosterone. Similar to how a thermostat communicates with the furnace when the temperature of the house gets cold or warm, the same holds true when a man’s testosterone levels dip showing up on the body’s “thermostat”/Hypothalamus which then “tells” the Pituitary to “send signals” to the Testicle glands to “fire up” some testosterone and deliver it out to the body.

In laymen’s terms using this simple analogy, this is how the body works to keep a man's androgenic hormones (and more) in balance. This is also what is referred to as the Hypothalamus>Pituitary>Testosterone Axis (HPTA).

Many of our hormones have a delicate dance they perform with one another similar to the analogy just presented. The axis between the three glands just mentioned are no different.

When a man is on testosterone injections, he can halt or at least severely suppresses the HPTA via the androgen pathway’s negative feedback loop and as such the testicles are no longer being stimulated via Luteinizing Hormone (LH). This is known by many men simply as "shutdown" or in other words; THE TESTICLES ARE NOT WORKING WELL ANYMORE and neither are the important pathways stemming from them.

Using our previous analogy, this would be like introducing foreign heat from an outside source or maybe several portable kerosene heaters you brought into your home; Your thermostat would recognize the elevated temperature and not send any signal to the furnace anymore which would no longer work to fire up and deliver heat into the house.

Below, we are going to discuss effective options for rebooting a man’s HPTA after it has been shut or slowed down for quite some time. In essence, this is used to help preserve the previously mentioned endocrine system and androgenic pathways involved that are essential for men to feel their best long term.

Key Ingredient #1: Enclomiphene

Enclomiphene, or Enclomid for short, is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM). It has and is, primarily used as a fertility and drug within the medical field and for good reason.  

Explaining enclomid in plain English as it is used in a reboot in conjunction with a man’s T injection program, just imagine a man’s natural (non T injection enhanced) endocrine system as previously discussed; You have the pituitary which releases LH that stimulates the leydig cells to make testosterone. A portion of that Testosterone is then converted to the female hormone estrogen which in simple terms, tells the pituitary back up in the brain to stop making more LH. This is similar in the “thermostat>Furnace> temperature of room- repeat” analogy previously given.

In men who have been on Testosterone injections and their HPT Axis is shut or slowed down, when you introduce HCG (which we will get into next), it starts to work as an LH analog and stimulates T production down in the leydig cells. When you introduce Enclomid into the mix, it blocks estrogen feedback at the pituitary. Therefore, the pituitary sees less estrogen and makes more LH. More LH now starting to be made means the leydig cells in the testicles make more testosterone and the cycle starts to repeat itself. See how this combo is starting to work together to “reboot” the natural pathways in the body quickly and effectively?

So, Enclomid does the job of manipulating and “fooling” the pituitary to produce more LH. This would kind of be like having all those portable kerosene heaters elevating the temperature of your house but putting an effective cooling barrier around your thermostat that kept a small radius around it cold so it continued to keep sending signal to the furnace to keep firing up and pushing heat out.


Key Ingredient #2: The Role of HCG in a Man’s TRT and reboot Program

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced in both men (low amounts) and women, who produce much larger amounts, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. In order for a man on a T injection protocol where he is in a state of shutdown/suppression to make up for the lost production of LH, he and his doctor will be smart to add HCG to his protocol which is an LH Analogue or, cloned counterpart of it in the body.

Because HCG injections have been known to quickly and reliably stimulate an increase in testosterone levels in both hypogonadal and normal/non T injection using men; Knowledgeable, responsible and experienced doctors in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) have been incorporating it into their patient’s regimens for years.

It is also important to note that it’s important to dose appropriately and not to over stimulate from large or inappropriate doses. Your experienced doctor will work with you to dose accordingly and responsibly given your program outline suitable to your needs.

In the HRT world, HCG is considered an ancillary medication and has a few primary functions:

  1. During a T injection program; to maintain a degree of testicular function
  2. If doing a therapeutic reboot with one’s T injection program (aka; “post-cycle therapy”) to recover their HPTA and maintain a healthy endocrine system long term
  3. To help men if they ever want to contribute to having babies
  4. To help men if they want to avoid having their testicles turn into a clump of useless mass
  5. HCG is a critical key player in helping, along with cholesterol, to make Pregnenolone (mother hormone to many other important hormones up stream; see next)
  6. To produce precursors (such as #5 above^^) and DHEA, Estrogen, Cortisol, Testosterone and DHT...back filling those pathways to “prevent the well from drying up”
  7. Starting role player downstream in a cascade of events that support cognitive and brain function by preventing Pregnenelone deficiency (see #5)
  8. Helps to reduce the amount of testicular shrinkage and any accompanying pain from, due to bunching up into the body

In short, responsibly incorporating HCG into a man’s TRT program while “on” TRT or during a reboot helps to prevent him from experiencing any of the aforementioned concerns so he is able to safely enjoy and reap all the benefits of an intelligently put together TRT program with his doctor.

Final Key Ingredient #3: An “A.I.” To Control Estrogen

Continuing on the subject of estrogen and its involvement in the HPT Axis, we already know that Enclomid is known to block its feedback at the pituitary gland (which is good and helpful in rebooting). We also know that from triggering and elevating one’s Testosterone levels, there will be much conversion of that T into estrogen. So, one might ask; isn’t too much estrogen undesirable in a man? And, how do we control it in the first place?

The answer of course is, yes too much isn’t a good thing here and for most, an Aromatase Inhibitor (A.I.) is most suitable to help. The aromatase enzyme is responsible for converting Testosterone into Estrogen. It should also be noted that estrogen is in fact critically important for and in, many areas of our health, but too much can just as much mean the opposite.

Aromatase inhibitors, such as Arimidex /Anastrozole, essentially block a healthy portion of that conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Having high estrogen would negate most of the benefits of TRT, resulting in many of the same symptoms one probably had in the first place! Fatigue, weight gain, low sex drive, water retention (bloat), depression, and brain fog are all commonly associated with high estrogen and who wants that?

In short, strategically incorporating a proper dosing (dependent on your needs) of an A.I. with your prescribing HRT doctor based off your labs and program into your protocol. This should assist you with your reboot by helping androgenic pathways fire back up and help testosterone output to climb back high while keeping estrogen levels low and not “fighting against” the intentions and work of Enclomid and HCG. Incorporating this key player may also create a surefire barrier that protects you from estrogen-related issues like gynecomastia or pain/sensitivity in nipples while “on” TRT as well.  


When done correctly and responsibly, proper reboots can help men keep their endocrine systems and androgenic pathways healthy and most receptive to TRT long term, the way it should be. All men deserve to have optimized testosterone levels while properly sustaining their body to be as healthy as possible.

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