Sermorelin to Increase Growth Hormone, IGF-1 levels

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In short, Sermorelin is a specific and special chain of amino acids strategically structured together that stimulates the body’s natural endogenous production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from the pituitary gland. Once HGH production is elevated by using sermorelin, it is then converted within the liver into the active insulin growth like factor-1 (IGF-1). This is the “end-product” that gives us all the wonderful benefits that we have heard and come to know about with HGH.

By using Sermorelin to maximize our natural output of HGH and therefore IGF-1, it’s known to stimulate the growth of tissues such as tendons, ligaments, skin and muscle. For anybody with an aging body or low IGF-1 levels, this is a great way to “reverse” things back to when the body used to be a bit more youthful before the body started aging and slowing down, which could be due to various factors.

Who Benefits from Sermorelin? Who Is It For?

Sermorelin therapy has been specifically approved for medical use to increase hormone levels in children deficient in hormone production. Its use to increase IGF-1 levels in adults is becoming increasingly popular in age management medicine. When clinically necessary and deemed beneficial for wellness and therapeutic health reasons, Sermorelin treatments are legally prescribed for unlabeled use in adults to improve a hormone deficiency and to increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase bone density, enhance the immune system, and strengthen the heart, as well as, other organs of the body such as skin.

Sermorelin is classified as a prescription drug and compounded by U.S. pharmacies pursuant to a physician's prescription. This is also a popular choice for those banged up in accidents or, those with lingering, nagging injuries and a desire to shorten recovery and repair time, due to the anabolic and “growth” repairing properties of elevated HGH are known for. It may also help in stimulating the immune system and other rejuvinating pathways in the body.

What Are Symptoms of Low HGH Levels (In which Sermorelin helps to increase, naturally)?

Aside from a strong telling number in IGF-1 numbers on lab testing, there can be many symptoms of HGH deficiency. Although many symptoms will overlap with men and women, some are distinct between the two genders which can help diagnose HGH deficiency.

Symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in men are as follows:

  • Muscle atrophy (shrinkage)
  • Loss of strength
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Lack of energy and enthusiasm
  • The feeling of tiredness and exhaustion
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Decrease in bone density
  • Harder to concentrate or pay attention

Symptoms of growth deficiency in women are as follows:

  • Weaker and less dense hair
  • Increases of fat in hip and belly regions
  • Dark circles around eyes with less skin elasticity
  • Dry skin
  • Many body parts become flaccid (soft, loose hanging)

Use of Sermorelin Has Been Shown to Improve:

  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Gonadotropin secretion
  • Muscle and strength restoration (w/ some resistance training)
  • Modulation of cell proliferation and survival
  • Cardiac performances and vascular resistances
  • Immune function
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Fat Loss efforts
  • Skin, muscle, hair and connective tissues

How Is It Dosed and Used?

Sermorelin is used in somewhat of a similar fashion like growth hormone is. For most, a simple subcutaneous(SQ) shot into your belly fat that most never even feel is done with a convenient “pen” which literally is like a pen with a disposable tiny needle you place on the tip before each shot. The pen is used at night right before bed at individual’s dosage prescribed as this will support the body’s natural time of endogenous HGH production during sleep.

It is important that no food, especially carbohydrates, are consumed within 60 minutes of dosing. Dosing can often range from 20-40 units (200-400mcg) depending on one’s need and prescription from their doctor.



Is Sermorelin Right for You?

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