Testosterone Cream: Pros Rub Out the Cons?

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T-Cream-Questions-3.8.17.jpgUnless you’ve been living under a rock or have only received your information from mainstream news while failing to educate yourself just a little bit about masculine wellness, you should be aware of the importance of testosterone and its role in a man’s wellness status. Any man who knows anything about men’s health knows the benefits of having this hormone optimized, and many successful men supplement with it. The often debated question that often fails to get good analysis and a clear answer; is injection or creams better?

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Testosterone Creams

Testosterone creams are typically and best applied at night and in the morning before getting the day started. The ease of application without painful injections and the simplicity of traveling are just a few of many attractive draws for many men to creams. An often solid argument is often posed to the thought of creams over injections by many though. Much of this is due to recent history of all the low dose, weak gels and topical applications that have been prescribed and used over the last several years by numerous amounts of men seeking to alleviate their low T symptoms.

Much of these topical methods of administering testosterone have been given a bad rap and in some cases, rightfully so. Many also argue that they cost more than injections while others mention fears of skin irritations, which happens in less than 1% of cases at Youth-Rx. As consumers, we often find ourselves a bit confused when trying to find the truth and information to help us make the best informed decision for our health and approach to optimizing our testosterone and wellness long term.

I Like My Coffee Strong, Like My T levels

Akin to drinking a de-caffeinated coffee with 5mg of caffeine that nobody will feel versus a regular coffee that has a 100mg that can give a nice boost in energy and cognitive function, we have a similar scenario with topical choices of testosterone. Let’s try to understand the vast differences between the most common gels most know of and the compounded creams many aren’t familiar with. Most men have heard of those well marketed, big pharma gels we have seen on all those commercials and radio ads, right? Most of these gels typically only come in 1-1.62% or if you’re lucky, up to 5% potency.

Unfortunately, in too many cases men get just enough of an elevation in their T levels from this to slow down their own endogenous production. It’s like taking 2 steps forward only to take 2 back. The doctors here at Youth-Rx understand quite well the difference between just having normal versus optimal levels of testosterone (and other hormones) to where we look and feel our best and respond appropriately to programs.

Coffee-Hot & Strong-3.8.17.jpgIn a majority of cases here at Youth-Rx, our male clients due to lab results and their clinical needs, will receive up to 20% potency cream preparations that are compounded specifically for them. This equates to a nice “manly dose” of 200mg of testosterone per gram of cream. This is like the 100mg cup of coffee but many too often refer to the unleaded 5mg coffee because that’s all they have tried or heard about before. Those who drink a real coffee know, feel and see the difference.



Testosterone: Seesaw or Steady and Balanced?

When a man is about to address and improve his masculine wellness with TRT, he also will sometimes have a host of concerns he has most likely heard about when it comes to TRT. A few of these may include; negatively impacted cholesterol profile & heart health, elevated PSA numbers, hypertension and arguably the biggest concern is elevated hematocrit or, polycethemia. Concerns with gynecomastia from excessive aromatizing (conversion of) testosterone into estrogen in addition to testicular shut down are often a big concern for men too.

Up-Down-Creams-3.8.17.jpgOne of the many positive aspects of applying cream each day is that your levels are more stable day to day and to a degree, replicate our own internal endogenous testosterone production. This helps in a few ways in such that with a steady, balanced level of testosterone, less is apt to convert into too much estrogen. For those that tend to be more prone to experiencing dangerously high hematocrit levels due to sharp spikes that some testosterone injection approaches may trigger, the simply daily application may help keep this concern at bay.


Testosterone: Cream or Injection, Health Markers & You

Youth-Rx has been in business since 2004 with over 2,500 client cases which equates to quite a bit of profile examples and lab reports over the years. In numerous amounts of these case studies, it has been seen time and time again that injections can sometimes have a much more noticeable negative impact on cholesterol in such a way that it decreases HDL (good) cholesterol and increases LDL (bad).

Injections also tend to have a faster negative impact on hemoglobin, hematocrit and RBC’s with how much it elevates them (this makes blood “thick” and hard on heart) in some individuals sensitive in this area. This route of administration sometimes may show a correlation with elevations in liver enzymes and its overall health also as the ester that makes it “time released” is cleaved off at the liver. One last con with going the injection rout; they tend to drop LH and FSH (signals from brain to testicles) faster in comparison to creams, making the need for more frequent reboots to keep leydig cell function (in testicles) relevant, to be incorporated for best long term health, associated androgenic pathways and receptiveness.

These are all reasons that clients engaging in injection programs are best to incorporate periodic reboots to keep their bodies healthy long term. With cream programs, there is generally not a need to reboot or give any breaks.

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