7 Things Women Should Understand About a Man’s Hormones

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When it comes to receiving proper care and attention for our wellness needs as we age, there is all too often a vast difference in the level of fair treatment men receive versus what women get.

Over the last several decades we have seen society be very accepting of the treatments and care that woman have opted for. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), breast implants, Botox and birth control - just to name a few, have been looked upon as normal and for the most part accepted at large, without being frowned down upon by the media or society.

Women have largely been accommodated to be able to look and feel their best from both a physical and mental state of well-being without repercussions and criticism by the public at large. WarAGainstTestosterone

However, men on the other hand have had a much different story to tell. One often of frustration, backlash and public ignorance that has unfortunately left too many men living a less than optimal life and a state of wellness that is deserved, but often denied.

Men wanting to explore testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has come with a lot of harsh criticism and judgement upon men along with scary statements and claims of danger. We will highlight some of the most common objections and criticism most men face here as well.

The goal of this article is to help women and the public at large, understand male hormones and the importance of them for all men as it pertains to their health and wellness - both physically and mentally.

Like women, men go through ups and downs as they age with shifts in hormones. Below, we are going to cover some important insights about male hormones that every woman and the public, should know. 

1.) Testosterone Exists in Both Men and Women

Just like men have estrogen, women have testosterone. Both of these hormones are very important to both genders and their health. They are both critically important for a healthy mind and body for each. Due to the gender characteristics, estrogen is a more dominant hormone in women and testosterone in men. An unhealthy level either way up or down in either, can have a negative domino effect on one’s health and well being.

2.) Testosterone is Beyond Just a Sex Hormone

Most think of testosterone for its role in being tied to male characteristics, sex drive and more. But, testosterone does so much more than that. This key player helps to regulate red blood cell production, fat utilization, supports muscle mass, bone density and more. It literally has an impact on just about every cell in the male body!

3.) Andropause for Men is No Joke

Referred to with different names such as male menopause, midlife crisis or andropause; this is a real issue more men struggle with today than ever before. Men typically see a steady decline in testosterone by 1-3% every passing year after around the age of 30. As the years quickly come and go with age, men progressively feel and see negative physical and mental declines. Most just chalk all this up to becoming lazy and weak while wallowing in some degree of depression and self doubt. 

4.) Testosterone Doesn’t Cause Prostate Cancer, Heart Attacks or “Roid Rage”

These negative associations with testosterone have unfortunately been grossly exaggerated and pushed in media headlines for way too long without good merit behind them.

First, to logically think of this in another way many don't; how many young men with high, optimized levels of testosterone do we observe having heart disease, increased plaque in the arteries, prostate problems, etc.??? Answer is; we don't.

Most younger men with high, optimized levels of testosterone actually are (generally speaking) at the healthiest points in their life; Good bone density, strong heart and sex drive, good muscle tone and therefor body composition, etc…

Accusations that men only want TRT to build muscle like a bodybuilder. Although TRT does in fact help tremendously with improving muscle, decreasing fat and improving body composition, it is not the main reason for it. And, why can’t a man want to look better anyway??? It’s okay for women to get boob jobs, fake eyelashes, their nails done and more - right? So why is it that men have been shamed so much for wanting to look and feel good too?

As for claims to roid rage, this is just really silly if you stop and think about it all logically with asking ourselves a few intelligent questions. The opposite is actually true...

With having optimized hormones and therefor a healthy body and mind; It feels good to feel good. When people feel good, they're usually happy and pleasant to be around.

When struggling with an unhealthy balance of hormones and/or low testosterone with all of its accompanied symptoms; It is irritating to feel drained and like crap. When people are irritated, they often act like assholes.

5.) Thyroid Hormone Levels Drop With Age

Like plummeting testosterone comes with age, men often experience a drop with their thyroid hormone production also, especially after one’s late 50’s. This often ties in with symptoms such as weight gain, lethargy, memory loss and erectile dysfunction.

6.) Unhealthy Balance of Hormones Affects Men in Several Ways hormones

When people discuss male hormones or testosterone, most tend to think of them as they relate to sex drive and muscle. Having a more thorough knowledge of male hormones lends to understanding that a man living with an imbalance of hormones contributes to concerns such as weight gain, brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, depression, irritability and poor bone health.

As it pertains to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT); too much is a bad thing, just like too much of any good thing is most likely bad. However, when done correctly and responsibly with a therapeutic and doctor supervised approach, one can reap all the benefits that having healthy, optimized hormones provides.

7.) Optimizing Testosterone Supports a Healthy Heart, Body and Mind

Having an optimized level of Testosterone is good for heart health, here are just a few studies of many that side with this statement:



When treated responsibly and appropriately with an approach to TRT, having healthy testosterone levels improves cardiovascular health through a few different avenues.

  1. Testosterone supports nitric oxide (dilation of blood vessels, better blood flow & circulation around body) - this means blood flow even down below for our love muscle as well :)
  2. Testosterone is known to improve calcium levels and heart's ability to "pump" better.
  3. Testosterone supports a positive nitrogen balance, muscle and more.

These factors are key players in oxygen supply and muscle work. And, maintaining good body composition and muscle with the help of optimized T levels and + nitrogen balance - this indirectly supports body's ability to regulate glucose levels better, keep body fat and triglycerides down (which obesity IS correlated with heart disease and more) and the list goes on...

However... Testosterone ABUSE or taking large amounts of anabolic versions of it (i.e. steroids - NOT to be confused with testosterone) will lower HDL ("good") cholesterol. And it's aromatization into estrogen (b/c levels so high) would require large doses of an AI (aromatase inhibitor to control estrogen) Anastrozole.

This in turn, could potentially also lead to a further drop in HDL. And, HDL is important to manage LDL ("bad") cholesterol. Seeing the correlation and importance of this connected web I hope..

Scenarios like this (abuse, being reckless, not being informed, etc.) is what can lead one down a scary road over time. It is no different than someone abusing a simple OTC drug and taking too much to the point there are repercussions. These examples however and again, are abusive (and foolish) ones and not recommended.

Testosterone is a naturally found and occurring hormone made in the body that is essential for a man's health and well-being. Last time I checked, we didn't have deficiencies of Zoloft, Lipitor, Cialis, etc... But, our bodies do produce and need testosterone as it is a big player from a systematic standpoint for us to look and feel our best.

Just like a type-1 diabetic whose body doesn't produce insulin, sometimes when a man reaches a point where he has hypogonadism and doesn't produce enough endogenous testosterone, simply filling up the tank per say can be a wonderful thing with many health benefits allowing a man to perform, look and feel like he deserves to in order to live the best life he deserves to.

Men Deserve Attention Too

Men-normalizing testosterone levelsNow that you have acquired a understanding of male hormones, you hopefully have a better understanding of the men in your life. If you have any other questions about male hormones, let us know how we may be able to assist you.

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Solute to Men’s Wellness,

Roger & The YOUTH-Rx Team

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