9 to Shine; Habits to Beat the Blues

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Below are 9 helpful thoughts to consider implementing into your thought patterns on a regular basis to help shine your brightest, and to help make 2018 one of gratitude with great attitude!

We all should know that being physically healthy is of upmost importance. The team here at Youth-Rx has surely preached this relentlessly through the years since starting way back in 2003 in our efforts to help all our clients look & feel their best.

9 to shine beat the blues .jpgBut, being mentally healthy is just as important and often overlooked. We are all at least to some degree, guilty of neglecting attention to our mental well-being on occasion (or often). And this, is what we want to quickly cover here to give a friendly reminder of!

Here below, is our top “9 to shine” check-list to help cheer ourselves out of the blues when they start singing in our head on any given day.

Beat the Blues, Tip #1: Write Down 3 Things That Are Awesome in Your Life

Write down 3 things that are awesome in your life, no matter how small they are. Many of us can write down double this amount without much though. It can be something as simple as the joy you have sipping on a hot cup of coffee you really look forward to each morning.

Or, maybe it is simply that you have a roof over your head or don’t have to stress about if you will have one next month. Many people are not fortunate enough to have these “little” things in life that we sometimes take for granted. Taking a moment each morning to remind ourselves here can have a positive impact on our attitude for the rest of our day.

Beat the Blues, Tip #2: Accept That Feelings Come & Go

Remind yourself that feelings come and go, even though your situation may still be the same. In other words, when you wake up tomorrow after getting some quality rest with an improved attitude – yesterday’s negativity is a distant memory and you have a fresh shot at making the new day a more positive experience.

Beat the Blues, Tip #3: Do NOT Skip the Gym

We all have long days. Sometimes our work and life’s stresses can be mentally draining to the point you are ready to throw in the towel with no motivation to dedicate to yourself after. Despite those random little demons in your head telling you to skip the gym, do NOT allow that to happen!

Given the work that I do, I often fight these voices in my head. Like a bartender that probably doesn’t want to hang out at the bar when they get off work, getting my ass to the gym is something often forced. I may sit in my car, listen to a song or two and give a self-pep talk, but I get in there and get my workout done.

And honestly, I am happy every time after when I’m feeling more “alive”, energized and more productive for the rest of my day!

Beat the Blues, Tip #4: Understand the Law of Attraction

Brain-Happy-Nuvidil blog.jpgWhen I’m not sure why I’m feeling down or negative, it helps to pinpoint the reason. Once you discover the reason, it is easier to zone in on resolving it. Often, it is really something small that may not deserve the negative energy you’re giving it. Understanding The Law of Attraction goes a long way with regards to these types of scenarios.

Beat the Blues, Tip #5: Feeling Gratitude

Personally, I remind myself often of how fortunate I am to be able to do what I love to do under the health, wellness and fitness industry umbrella. If you honestly feel the same about your given or chosen profession, this is a good thought to keep in mind daily.

If you do not love your profession, think of somebody or something else that you are fortunate to have. Maybe you have a circle of great friends or an incredible spouse that means the world to you. There are many people who don’t have any of these things, just food for thought and something you may have to be thankful for.

Beat the Blues, Tip #6: Acknowledge Your Body & Capabilities

When your body isn’t cooperating with your intentions for it or the way you desire it to be – remember to be grateful for having one that can get you around. We sometimes take our health and physical capabilities for granted. There are countless amounts of people living without a limb, a mental disorder or other physical limitations that make their life a bigger challenge than many of could ever imaging struggling with every day.

In cases of a broken body, your body most likely can recover, rebuild and bounce back given you treat it right & give it the right tools to do so. Everybody has their ups and downs. Aging is unavoidable. Be thankful if you have a body capable of getting you around.

Beat the Blues, Tip #7: Don’t Dwell on Misery

Don’t dwell too long on misery. Its natural to have low points, heartache over death or break-ups, etc. Allow time for these as it is important (and natural) to mourn our losses. Just simply allow yourself a reasonable amount of time and a loose expiration date, and then be sure to not allow yourself to let it be prolonged too far past that date.

Beat the Blues, Tip #8: Rock Out & Sing

HappyMan-Winning-Singing.pngRock out! What I mean here is, “jam out” to your favorite music. Whether this is daily on your lunch break, or a random time or two per week – let loose and sing!

Gravitate towards uplifting and positive music that really gets you going and, in a happy state of mind. Sing with energy and a smile over "the blues". Whatever your preferred genre - turn it up and your mood!

Beat the Blues, Tip #9: Meditate

Meditate! We all often have “monkey brains” constantly thinking, getting distracted and lacking focus on the things that really matter. Examples such as:

  • We know we should have done meal prep for the week, but we got distracted by the TV or social media for an hour and now time is lost.
  • Over thinking what other people might be thinking about us, when it probably is irrelevant.
  • Creating negative, imaginary scenarios that are taking our attention away from our real-life goals and purpose in life.

Stressing out, poor sleep with tossing and turning during the night (when exhausted) and more can lead us down unhealthy pathways both mentally and physically.

A great meditation app I’ve found very helpful is called “Simple Habit”. You should be able to download this on your phone in the google play store for android or, in apple store for apple phones.

Shining into 2018 with an Attitude of Gratitude

Stay tuned with us here at Youth-Rx for more insightful tips to stay fit and healthy in all of our pursuits of optimal wellness. Also, don't neglect proper nutrition and and be sure that your hormones are optimized in your efforts to shine your brightest in the months to come!

If there is anything the team here at Youth-Rx does that you suspect can aid in your journey to look & feel your best, please let us know by filling out a medical history form and one of our experienced consultants can then set a time to talk with you.

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Cheers to a bright year ahead,

Roger & the YOUTH-RX team

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