Driving on a Full Tank of “T” to Maximize Life’s Ride

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Having and enjoying a nice house, car or any material possession requires maintenance to some degree. All cars require regularly scheduled oil changes and older ones will require much more than that. I remember my younger days and not having the financial means to drive a newer car but instead having to drive very used and old vehicles. They did the job well of getting me from point A to point B, given I maintained them well with what they needed to drive properly and not break down.

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  1. Are you ignoring warning signs & alarms?
  2. The low T epidemic
  3. "There are no limits, until there are"; Living life on a full tank
  4. Living  life with purpose and drive
  5. Know someone struggling with low testosterone?

Moving on... I knew that if I didn’t replace the broken tie rod holding my front end and wheels in place, I could be placed in a dangerous position with the potential of a car accident. I knew that if I didn’t replace the screeching brake pads, I would risk smashing into something, harming myself and/or others and being completely out of a car all together. These are literally scenarios I remember facing many times with different vehicles in my teens, twenties and early thirties.

I’ve always found it odd that we are so quick to spend money on materialistic things – like when we need to in such examples just given. But also, when we just desire to do so as in a case of over-spending on a car or other materialistic possession we really don’t need. I say odd, only in cases when a said person refuses to spend money on their health and wellbeing that really needs attention, in place of truly unneeded “stuff”.

Do You Ignore Squealing Brake Pads, Or Alarms?

Ignoring Warning Signs.pngThere is an old saying; “without health, we have no wealth”. Neglecting our ability optimize our wellness when it clearly needs attention is akin to driving a car that has squealing brake pads but ignoring it because you don’t feel like addressing it. Those brake pads are making noise for a reason.

Nothing stays new forever and eventually, needs attention and maintenance to continue performing well. This is often the case with our bodies and endocrine systems. As we get older, our glands age. With this, comes hormone changes such as menopause seen in women and andropause, aka; “Low T”, seen in older men. Sometimes, it isn’t even age related but rather stems from lifestyle, environment or hereditary reasons.

These can be seen in cases of type 1 diabetes where the body’s pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin (a hormone) or with Grave’s disease where the body has an autoimmune disorder triggering its own thyroid to go haywire and overact in a dangerous way.

Many diabetics will have to take insulin shots every day to control their blood sugar, so they can live a normal and healthy life. Sometimes with the example of grave’s disease, this calls for removing one’s thyroid and then supplementing with properly dosed thyroid hormone to live a normal and healthy life.

Many people during this time of the year in the darker and cold winter months, supplement with vitamin D due to lack of sun exposure, which normally triggers the body to make vitamin D endogenously – when exposed. More than ever, doctors and patients check for healthy levels of this vitamin on lab results and often end up simply supplementing some into their diet each week when levels are found to be low. Most should know the many roles that vitamin D plays with regards to our immunity, endocrine system and well-being in its multiple pathways it is used in the body.

Maintenance is Important to Keep Driving Forward & Enjoying Life’s Ride…

In these examples, we typically don’t think twice about addressing them when the symptoms are screaming out loud for attention. We take our automobile to the mechanic. We take any necessary vitamin or prescription from the doctor. We even go to our dentist every year to ensure our mouth is healthy and go to the optometrist for glasses or contacts, so we can see the world clearly each day.

Most of us understand these issues and the reasoning of their importance. Although parts of each scenario can be complex which justify a professional assisting, they are easy enough for us to understand and therefore rationalize the easy decision to take care of them to avoid the consequences in time otherwise.

The Low T Epidemic

Who would have thought just a short 30-40 years ago that us human beings would have advanced so far here in 2018??? Much of our advancements are amazing with technology. Some other advancements are not so impressive. A lot of our modernized and convenient “Frankenstein” foods and ways of eating have also contributed to our waistlines being larger than ever, heart disease, cancer and much more.

LowT ruining life meme.jpegMuch of these concerns get the medical attention and media respect they deserve without too much unfair criticism or judgement. However, one area that has been judged and castrated a bit unfairly is that in men’s wellness, much falling under the “Low T” umbrella, otherwise known as low testosterone.

With excessive eating of packaged foods and fast foods on the go, work project deadlines with more stress than ever coupled with lack of sleep and exercise; we have been and are more than ever, creating the “perfect storm” for a disastrous hormonal tsunami within. Couple this in with an expected loss of 1-2% of testosterone produced per year on average, and the storm gets even bigger.

High levels of body fat hold aromatase enzyme which then “steals” the lowered amount of endogenously produced testosterone with our aging body away and into more estrogen. Estrogen as we should know, is a more female dominant hormone – hence breasts and bigger hips, etc. Lower testosterone contributes to less muscle mass on the body. Muscle is metabolically active (burns calories). With a lower metabolic rate, we burn less calories. This vicious cycle repeats and snowballs out of control.

With lower than normal and plummeted testosterone levels, men typically experience constant fatigue, increased risk of erectile dysfunction & low libido, depression, cognitive “brain fog” and even increased risk of osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and heart disease as well. This in combination with less than stellar body composition (body fat to muscle ratio) should be just like the brake pads screaming out loud for attention.

But of course, hormones are not as abrupt or suddenly “heard” or felt. Endocrine disruptions, especially in men, usually occur slowly over time to the point where they are not as easily noticed month to month. But, when evaluated on a year to year or compare to something as small as 3-5 years prior, one may see an alarming change that needs attention – just like a car that has a tie rode ready to bust and you see it, and know it!

“There Are No Limits...Until There Are”

This is a great quote from a man that I have a lot of respect and admiration for. It has been his moto that he has embraced more than ever this last year. This man at the age of 64, DECIDED that he was not going to ignore the squeals and rattles his body that has experienced life’s storms and time, but rather address them.

This man chose to pursue and give his body a fine tune up and has since lost a significant amount of body fat while simultaneously packing on muscle that has attracted attention, respect and compliments from inquiring minds all around him. Not only has he physically improved, but his health, energy, mind and overall wellness and ability “to do” for his wife and family has gotten stronger as well.

This man is a client of Youth-Rx. He started for the first time with us almost a year ago in 2016. After visiting with and getting suggestions from our doctor after doing blood work, physical and discovering where he is, where he wants to be and obstacles to overcome - he agreed to embark on his journey of looking and feeling his best with us.

Coupling his testosterone and hormone optimizing program with getting a good personal trainer in the gym and giving some effort in the kitchen to eat correctly, he like many other clients, has transformed himself back to a younger and more vibrant version of himself.

I couldn’t be happier for him. I have all the respect in the world for him not only deciding to take ownership of his body and health, but for putting forth the effort required to look and feel his sharpest. I’m confident he has many of his best years still ahead of him, and he turns 65 this year in 2018!

Choosing, To Live Life with Purpose & Drive

Optimized-Hormones-Body.jpgLike being negligent with oil automobiles changes, refusing to brush your teeth each day or not fixing a leaking roof on your house – you should expect consequences that won’t be pleasant. Addressing warning signs and symptoms however, can help ensure that you live in a body (or house) that helps you enjoy life to the best of your abilities!

Having low testosterone and failing to experience the traits of a healthy man, like having a cold draining you of well-being every day of your life, is pure misery and sucks. You can take Nyquil and drink coffee every day to mask those feelings, but those are nothing more than band aids.

I don’t know of anyone who enjoys having the flu or even a cold. Feeling down and miserable sucks. Living life day to day with optimized testosterone and hormones lending to a sharp mind, plenty of energy, a healthy heart and libido with a strong drive for life is AWESOME!

Know Someone Struggling with Low T?

If you or someone you know is suspected of having low T, the solution could simply be choosing to “take some vitamin T” like you would take some vitamin D if you were low in it. Or someone who is anemic to take some iron. Of course, this is an analogy, but the actuality isn’t too far from it! Once there is an understanding and comfort level with some basic education on a safe and effective approach, the solution is often quite simple and very rewarding.

If you share our passion for helping others then let us help you, help those you care about. Here are couple ways we can go about doing so below…

  1. We want to give you 5% credit towards your Youth-Rx program for EACH referral you send that comes on board with a program, AND give them 5% off their first order as well. You win, they win.
  2. And more importantly, you help make a difference in their quality of life. Simply click on this link to provide the information for us to reach out and offer them a complimentary consultation:
  3. If you simply want to introduce them to our articles and blogs that often come out weekly with valuable content, education and information pertaining to looking and feeling our best, copy/paste this link here and give to them:

Helping to Make a Difference

YRX Balloon sailing off-1.jpgWe have been fortunate enough since 2004 to have the privilege of helping hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied clients transform into happier and more energetic individuals who have naturally sent referrals over to us after.

Sharing information or a resource that may help someone is something most of us deep down feel good about doing. The team at YOUTH-RX simply wants to help make as many positive impacts in the lives of others as we can.

We intend on helping more sail up and away to elevated levels of wellness, helping to enjoy the most out of life. We hope you feel the same!

Best regards,

Roger & YOUTH-RX Team

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