How Much Better Can Being Healthier, Feel?

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Let’s pose a question: What if your day to day, “100%” is far less than the REAL status of how you can and should be feeling?

What if your daily perceived 100% is only about 51% of how awesome you should be feeling? If you’re like many Americans, you’re pushing through the daily grinds, slowly adding unwanted body fat and watching your health markers and hormones slowly slide into the toilet more every year. You may not have really taken notice of what has been happening. Kind of like an aging car with an easy to fix oil and transmission leak that is slowly leading to bigger vehicle problems and expenses due to neglect; drip, drip, drip…

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  2. Having an "Ahh-Ha" Moment
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We probably don’t notice much from one day to the next nor month to month because what we humans can tolerate with our own bodies is impressive. Our now 51% used to be a true 100% but then it dropped to 90, then 80, 70 and every year our level of excellence bar is dropped and we accept it. Again, what us humans will tolerate is impressive.

We often neglect our health today because of false claims of no time or money, only to spend a ton of it later paying doctor bills and being ill after we have worked our stressful life away to point of poor health. We go on, drip, drip, drip…

Muscular couple discussing on the bench and holding water bottle.jpegYou Can Hear About Feeling Vibrant & Youthful or, Act to Embrace It Yourself

A friend may tell you how much better they are feeling since starting a new program of fitness and wellness or related. Yet, not until you CHOOSE a healthier lifestyle and embrace it yourself, can you have any opportunity to know how much better your true 100% REALLY feels like.

How you feel is simply, how you feel. Your memory of 10 years ago will hold memories of music, proud moments and fun life events but what a vibrant and healthy body felt like then isn’t remembered quite the same in the memory bank today. You can’t feel the vitality of your more youthful years from memory like you can with that of a senior prom or reminiscing over getting your first car.

Another way of looking at this is that the chances are, you have a very small idea how bad you have become accustomed to feeling only 51% nor how much better your 100% could have you feeling. When you come down with a cold or flu, you know how much better you’re going to be in a week and after 7 days you notice how much better you feel than you did a week prior when you were sick. We can recall that as it is so recent. We feel that change.

When our glands age and hormones get out of whack leading to a drowsier state of being, we slowly adjust over the years. It often takes an unfortunate event, scare or reaching a new low to motivate a wakeup call within us to take notice of how much things have changed and how much better we can be.

The “Ahh Ha” Moments

Many of us reach a breaking point one day when we catch a glimpse of our half naked body in the mirror after find ourselves gasping for air after a flight of stairs or you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired — and you wake up and have that “ahh-ha” moment that something needs to change!

Like touching a hot stove and realizing how bad it burns once it is really hot, we are determined to not get burned again when we reach this point. No amount of dirty self-talk can convince you to go back again to put your hands on that stove after you finally realize how bad it hurts.

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Hormone Tune Up.jpgGet a Tune Up, Fix Leaks & Have More Purposeful “Drive”

If you’re giving a hard, honest look at your status of health and how you feel as it stands today and it isn’t everything you want it to be, there is help. If you have been a visitor, a client or if you were referred here by someone that has recently experienced their true 100% again with one of our programs, then you can make the choice to pursue finding your true potential to be your best with a decision today.

If you suspect something is off or if there is a “missing piece” to your fat loss and body sculpting picture, your drive in life or that energic vitality that doesn’t quite surface each day anymore, then discovering what your endocrine/hormone profile looks like may reveal the missing links that you’ve been missing.

Our team here at YOUTH-RX bring many years of experience to the table in helping hundreds upon hundreds of clients realize and achieve their goals of being all they can be. You can too!

If you would like to know and explore more, simply fill out our medical history form and one of highly experienced consultants will schedule a complimentary consultation to explain the processes, programs and more to you.

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The team here at YOUTH-RX wishes you the best in health, cheers to a NEW YOU!


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