HRT: Not Just For Vanity & Muscles

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The days will come when your skin wrinkles and sags while youthfulness slowly slips away. One day, despite all you do - you will die. 


All too often, many of us involving ourselves in the Hormone Optimizing space are guilty of only being mindful of our outward appearance while failing to give attention and care to what is going on inside of our body on a deeper wellness level. Vanity is okay but how much or how little we care about our longevity is critical as it pertains to our length and quality of life. 


This article is going to address how optimizing and maintaining a fine tuned endocrine system will not only support how good we look on the outside but more importantly, how it supports our long term wellness in the one body we were given to live in.


Benefits Go Far Beyond Gym Time


It is sometimes observed that men on a hormone optimization program will completely or partially stop their program simply because they are injured or don't have the means of working out. The mindset here is that they don’t want to “waste” their program since they aren’t going to be lifting weights. 


There are many problems here with this mentality. 


Why let all your “gains” wither away? 


Why choose to feel less than your best, simply because you can’t workout for a short period of time? 


Why not support your body in a time of need? 


Why “kick” a body when it is already down?


First; when one is going to be sedentary for a prolonged period of time, the odds of muscle atrophy become high. Having optimized levels of testosterone and other hormones can at least minimize this.


Second; Optimized testosterone supports nitrogen retention which supports a cascade of things associated with heart and circulatory health.


Third; Optimized levels of growth hormone and IGF-1 levels support a much faster recovery for those that are laid up after an injury and/or surgery. Stronger and faster recoveries sound nicer than prolonged and dragged out ones, yes?


Fourth; Optimized hormones support cognitive function and healthy mood. If you’re going to be down and out without the ability to exercise, at least you can do what you can to support a healthy mind, body and soul. 


Fifth; Optimized hormones, namely testosterone being the most relevant, supports healthy sexual function and drive. For many, this is an important “function” to support and maintain for many reasons and for others besides yourself. 


In closing, maintaining optimized hormones helps on a deeper level that just what we see on the surface. 


  • Supports energy, strength and muscle.
  • Sharper cognitive abilities and mental clarity.
  • Helps maintain better body composition (less fat, more muscle) and better blood glucose regulation. Stronger bone density, erectile function and heart health.
  • Improved mood, happiness and confidence.
  • Helps with maintaining an optimized status of wellness as a man!



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