No Time to Workout? You Heard of Tabata Before?

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Like so many other busy people, I understand having a demanding schedule that has me running non-stop between appointments, clients, phone calls, emails, family and so much more. My 8am quickly turns into 8pm during my crazy and hectic work week.


But, My Schedule Doesn’t Have Time for The Gym

What if I told you that you could get a phenomenal workout done in under 20 minutes at home or basically anywhere? What if I said in 4 minutes? We all have a few minutes to spare for this, so let’s move on and explore this awesome approach to getting in great shape!

Although this “4-minute workout” does sound like the perfect answer to many, I do not however, believe this is the total solution to training, but rather a solution to many with limited time and resources. With hectic business traveling schedules and lack of time and access to full gyms, many of us can be tempted to forget about our workouts.

Okay, Okay… So Get to it, what is “Tabata” Training???

Well, it is simply this: You perform 20 seconds of “work” followed by 10 seconds of “rest” and repeat eight times (8 x 20 seconds effort + 8 x 10 second rest = 4 minutes).

An example of this would be to use say, squats, as the exercise in focus. So, you would perform 20 seconds of squats (jump squats if you’re well-conditioned) followed by 10 seconds of rest and immediately repeat for 7 more rounds. This again ends up being 4-minutes total after the 8 rounds.

If you want to take things a few notches higher, you can move onto a second exercise like push-ups and do the same thing. And then after that, finish up with some TRX rows. You can easily complete these 3 exercises in a Tabata fashion in under 14 minutes with a one-minute rest in between each exercise (after finishing 8 rounds with each). Talk about fast and VERY effective! If you are not absolutely exhausted after this workout you didn’t go hard enough!!!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Lack of time should no longer be an excuse but rather as such in this case, a reason to get creative, have fun and challenge yourself like never before (trust me, this isn’t easy)! So, go get a watch or a clock on a wall and get moving!

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Best regards,

Roger Bowman, CPT

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