There Is a War Against Testosterone

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Somewhat reminiscent of society’s view of marijuana and cigarettes 50 years ago, we currently have a demonizing of testosterone while we celebrate and embrace tons of prescription drugs and unhealthy Franken-Foods. Once upon a time, cigarettes were smoked everywhere by many, marketed heavily on television and even smoked by doctors while easily being accepted by society. We just simply didn’t know or understand then what we now know today and how bad cigarettes and all the chemicals they are known to have can be so detrimental to not only smokers, but those around them. At the same time we celebrated the Marlboro man, government declared a big war on drugs heavily aimed at the cannabis plant and marijuana. Today, we are learning of many medicinal benefits of this plant as well as many industrial uses of it as well. Who would’ve thought 50 years ago how far we would come to learn such truths?


"Roid Rage?"

Testosterone like all hormones, are critical to our overall health and well-being. For men, it is truly what makes a man, well, manly! Big money and the powers that be have a lot of control over what we see and learn to be truths. It is one of many reasons I personally don’t watch regular TV. When the average person thinks of testosterone injections, the most common vision that comes to mind is a bodybuilder with “roid rage” beating his girlfriend up and punching walls. I remember watching the after school specials back in the 80’s that would portray this scenario while demonizing testosterone and steroids to be something that they aren’t. These thoughts and opinions still hold true with many people today but yet at the same time we have hundreds of thousands of people dying every year in association with prescription drug use that is embraced and accepted by millions. Turn on any day time TV show and you are sure to see dozens of commercials advertising them. 

We Understand Why Men Keep on The "Down Low"

The truth is, optimal hormonal balance helps us to be strong and vibrant with an enthusiastic zest for life. Many successful and powerful men know this and keep their hormones optimized as they age gracefully. I assure you, I know this first hand because I have talked with hundreds of them through the years and currently have dozens of them as clients I personally work with as I write this. Of course 90+% of them keep this a secrete because they don’t have the energy to deal with those that want to put labels on them (steroid abuser, junkie, cheater, etc) and don’t understand. Ironically, most of these criticizers are those hooked on prescription drugs, eat horribly, smoke and drink beers with health issues, isn’t that a kicker? I have been on the receiving end of this scenario more times than I can count through the years (I have always been a health nut among many that are not). It is very unfortunate how uneducated we are with health, nutrition and how to properly take care of ourselves as a nation.

You are here visiting us today for a reason. You are likely a bit ahead of most in regards to addressing and wanting to take care of your health and well-being. Looking for and finding the right answers can be quite a task but we are here to assist you with finding the right solution to look and feel your best. Fill out our health history form today and let one of our heavily experienced consultants know a good time to discuss the process and more. Shortly, you can be well on your way to a new you! 

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