What to Expect After Starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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 Living with low testosterone really sucks, to put it very bluntly. Any man who says otherwise is lying or, they have been a weak beta male with low testosterone all their life and know no difference otherwise.

For those aging men who have been diagnosed and suffering with low testosterone, exploring testosterone replacement therapy (aka; TRT) can be quite confusing, controversial and scary if we were to try and explain the initial phases of TRT exploration in just a few descriptive words.

Some of you may be here because this is all brand new to you. Some of you may be re-visiting the idea of TRT for second, third or fifth time now because you were “informed” with some scary information about TRT in the past and chose to run from it and never addressed your endocrine imbalances that are still negatively affecting your quality of life.

Some of you may have attempted TRT before but unfortunately were misinformed, mislead or just not paired up with the right provider and program for your personal needs.

Whatever your reason may be, you’re here. And, you’re most likely asking the headlining question of this article; What should I expect after I start testosterone therapy replacement?

Some accompanying questions to this may also include the following:

  1. Businessman looking at road with maze and solution conceptIs TRT “forever”?
  2. How long before I start to feel the benefits of TRT, after I start?
  3. What to expect after one month.
  4. Will TRT help me lose fat, improve the way I look, feel and perform each day?
  5. What happens after 6 months?
  6. Is TRT right for me?

These questions and many more related to them are understandable and legit things to consider, understand and know as to how they pertain to you, your intentions and goals with exploring any hormone optimizing program. In this article, we will try to highlight, address and answer these questions as simply as possible.

What to Expect in Week #1

In short, not too much with regards to how you feel or look. Unlike coffee or stimulants, boosting your testosterone doesn’t give an instant magical “jolt” of any kind per say. And, there is no magic to losing fat and gaining muscle as these changes take time with few key factors aside from just optimized testosterone playing in.

However, you can expect your new optimized level of testosterone to help your body significantly improve insulin sensitivity. Most users will report noticing a slight elevation in their mood after a few days.

After One Month

Effects on sexual interest typically appear after 3 weeks and often plateauing around the 6-week mark, with no further enhancements expected after this time frame. Changes in erections and/or ejaculations may require up to 6 months depending on the person and other factors in their health.

Reported feelings of improved cognitive abilities are becoming apparent. A higher level of more “clear thinking” or a “sharper mental edge” is starting to emerge with most.

A man with newly optimized testosterone here may be starting to notice a bit more “pep in his step” once his feet hit the floor to start the day. This unlike caffeine is a very gradual improvement that slowly comes about as the weeks progress. But, many men will report saying they feel sharper with a happier, more optimistic mood about their day where as in recent years reported feeling “dull”, while lacking drive.

After 3-4 Months

Especially when attention is given to positive lifestyle habits including appropriate diet and exercise on a consistent basis, improvements in body fat and muscle mass along with increased strength are becoming very noticeable. And although not as quickly improved upon as they are in this initial first 3-4-month phase, these can be expected to slowly continue and be improved upon as the months go by after here.Woman-Man-

Improvements with any pre-existing concerns with depression, anxiety and lack of confidence has already started to subside for most by this point in time. A very old & common concern as it pertains to TRT, is if it contributes to hostility, anger or what others might coin as “roid rage” and the like… In short and as experts would say, it is quite opposite. Most men see improvements in their mood and how they handle themselves and others as they start to feel better and happier.

When you feel lethargic, “empty” and are living with embarrassing erectile dysfunction issues and so on, that can make a man feel a bit “on edge” in many cases as they don’t feel good about themselves and life. If someone is and has been a hot head with a short temper all their life and that is who they are, then filling up their tank of testosterone may bring that younger belligerent version of that person out more but, it absolutely is not a reason of concern here.

Prostate-specific antigen, (aka; PSA) and volume may have risen and now plateauing here at 12 months. Some may not notice any difference here at all. Some may notice a slight increase over a few years of time or really, just age. Further increases in PSA should be related to aging, not TRT. However, this is something to pay attention to and watch when, necessary.

You may also notice that your testicles at this point, have gotten smaller. This is normal and to be expected as your body’s endogenous (internal/natural) production of testosterone has slowed down. Properly and intelligently incorporating HCG into one’s TRT program is often a good preventative move to prevent too much of a slowdown in the production of associated hormones stemming from Leydig cells in testicles.

You can read more on this topic in this short article >> CLICK HERE

After 5-6 months and beyond

By now and after a man has consistently maintained healthy, optimized levels of testosterone and those associated hormones with it (estrogen, DHEA, thyroid, etc.); changes in mood should be for the better.

Improvements in body composition should feel (and look) rewarding. Significant improvements in the Body’s ability to regulate blood glucose should be present. This of course lends to good heart health and ability to steer clear of any diabetic concerns.

Bone Density; Men with low testosterone levels often have signs of osteoporosis, but testosterone can start to show positive effects on bone density after 6 months, continuing for at least a few more years.

Successful business man with arms open - isolated over white backgroundGiven one’s approach with TRT has been done responsibly and appropriately, one should continue to expect a better quality of life in comparison to the one with low T and all its dreaded symptoms.

If one hasn’t by now, re-testing should have been done to get a new updated baseline of health markers and hormones should be done to assess things and make any necessary adjustments.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Forever?

The short answer is for those that have a need for it; Yes, it should be if you want to maintain the life changing differences that it makes. The other answer is no, in a sense that just because you start a TRT program that optimizes your testosterone and hormone levels in 3-6 months, that you can stop and still maintain those levels; it simply doesn't work that way. 

This is no different than putting on a new set of tires on your car or getting a haircut every few weeks; it is not a permanent or forever fix and you will have to get more to maintain performing and looking good. 

With our aging bodies come aging glands. Our hypothalamus, pituitary, testicles and so on are all getting older and their ability to perform at a peak level will diminish like everything else. Sometimes and unfortunately due to various circumstances and reasons, this sometimes happens pre-maturely.

This among more reasons, are why men opt to look at TRT. Just like we eventually put on a nice new set of tires and maybe some nice rims as well, to help add back some new shine to a classic car we love. Taking care of that classic car will keep it performing well and driving us along each day to destinations we want to arrive at and, in style and comfort!

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

If you suspect that filling up your tank of “T” may be beneficial for you and you’re exploring a new program with us here at YOUTH-Rx, take a few minutes to fill out our health history questionnaire and schedule some time with one of our expert consultants to answer additional questions you may have regarding our programs and processes. Learn More through Lens on Old Paper with Dark Lilac Vertical Line Background.

You can also look a bit deeper to discover more insight to help decide if testosterone supplementation makes sense for you, by reading this short 3 minute read >>> CLICK HERE

New inquiring & future clients, please 1st submit the on-line form, CLICK HERE.

Optimizing your hormones may be the missing link to looking and feeling the way you deserve to…

Best in health,

Roger & the YOUTH-Rx team

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