Can Cardio Make you Fat?

Absolutely. Cardio is one of many tools for Fat Loss. Cardio as a fat loss tool has to be used correctly, if not it is like pounding nails with a screwdriver. Pound all you want but that screwdriver is never going to drive the nail. It is not the end all be all and is not even necessary to lose fat and keep it off. Many believe that in order to lose fat they have to do cardio. So they do cardio. Time passes, a few pounds come of, and then the fat loss stops. So they do more. Nothing changes and they do more. When does it sink in that doing an hour of cardio 7 days with no results is not working? Sound familiar? Week in and week out the same people are doing cardio. Yet they look no different.



The truth is that long duration cardio is not very effective at dropping fat. It will help for a short time, but almost always ends at a plateau. The body is built to survive. In order to survive it must continually get more efficient at the things it is asked to do.


A great example is moving into a two-story house from a one story. At first the stairs seem like they are never going to end. Going from the first to the second floor is a chore. Then it gets easier to the point it is not even noticed. The body has adjusted.

Remember the first few times you used the elliptical, stair climber, or treadmill? At first it is a real killer and you work up quite the sweat. A few weeks pass and it is not so hard anymore. Pretty soon it seems almost easy. You do more cardio more often. Eventually you are doing over an hour a few times per week, yet you look no different. As an added bonus the minute you stop running, riding, or stepping you stop burning calories at an increased rate.

The body is adjusting. In both cases it is striving to become more efficient. As it does it burns less and less calories. Even worse, if too much cardio is done the body will begin to store fat. Yes, the very thing you are trying to reduce will increase! Insult to injury is that this can also lead to overuse injuries. Not only are you fatter but also you have knee and hip problems. Need a clearer picture, compare a marathon runner with a sprinter. Which has a fat free sculpted and toned body? Do you want to look like the marathoner or the sprinter?

There is a much more efficient way. Yes cardio is a tool for fat loss. Cardio can be used to rev up your metabolism for hours after you step off the treadmill or any other piece of equipment. When done right, you will not be spending hours a day on a bike or treadmill. How about 20 fat blasting minutes a few times per week, or better yet none! Spend that time showing off your new body or with family and friends. has the answer. Drop the screwdriver and let give you the cardio “hammer” for fat loss today.

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