Big Biceps May Mean a Longer Life

NEW YORK — The size of a man’s biceps and his waist could provide a more accurate picture of his mortality risk than body mass index alone, according to British researchers.

A study of 4,107 men aged 60 to 79 found those with a waist of less than 102 centimeters and above-average muscle mass in their upper arms were the least likely to die over a six-year period, according to Dr. S. Goya Wannamethee of Royal Free and University College Medical School in London.

Joint Pain and New Shoes

Shoes are often an overlooked component of the fitness puzzle. Attention is paid to nutrition, training and rest. But how

Weight Training Boosts Strength

Weight training is a good way for seniors to maintain muscle mass and shift any surplus body fat, now results

High Intensity Ab Busters


To add some intensity to your regular crunches and really blast your abs, try this advanced ab exercise.

Exercise Cuts Middle-Aged Men’s Cancer Risk

Exercising just two or three times a week can significantly reduce middle-aged men’s risk of developing a number of cancers,

Anti Estrogen

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