Is Baldness A Sign of Health?

Men who go bald by 30 at lower risk of prostate cancer
According to researchers from the University of Washington School of Medicine, bald men might be at a health advantage: in a study of 2,000 men aged 40 to 47, they found that men who go bald by 30 appear to be at lower risk of prostate cancer, the BBC reports. They credited this to high levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone, in those who go bald earlier.

Pot Belly Linked to Heart Disease

Even a small pot belly can increase the risk of heart disease, scientists warn.

Research from the University of Texas found large waist measurements, relative to hip size, were linked to early signs of heart disease.

This confirms other research that waist size, rather than overall body weight, is a key indicator of heart disease.

The study of 2,744 people suggests that a waist size of 32ins (81cm) for a woman and 37ins (94cm) for a man represents a “significant” raised risk.

Exercise May Generate New Blood Vessels

Having a bad heart doesn’t mean you can skip exercise, doctors said Wednesday. In fact, it may even help your heart to repair itself. Research presented at the European Society of Cardiology meeting showed that exercise sparks the creation of new heart vessels.

In a small study of 37 people at Leipzig University in Germany, Dr. Robert Hollriegel found that people with serious heart failure who rode a bike for up to 30 minutes a day for four months produced new stem cells in their bones.

Study predicts 75 percent overweight in U.S. by 2015

If people keep gaining weight at the current rate, fat will be the norm by 2015, with 75 percent of U.S. adults overweight and 41 percent obese, U.S. researchers predicted on Wednesday.

A team at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore examined 20 studies published in journals and looked at national surveys of weight and behavior for their analysis, published in the journal Epidemiologic Reviews.

Insulin Identified as Trigger That Causes Diabetes

By Patricia Reaney 5/12/05

Two teams of scientists identified the hormone insulin on Wednesday as the trigger that causes the

Drinking Your Way to Better Health

Did you know that 75 percent of the human body consists of water and only 25 percent solid mass?This

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