Joint Pain and New Shoes

Shoes are often an overlooked component of the fitness puzzle. Attention is paid to nutrition, training and rest. But how often are shoes considered part of the fitness equation? Almost never. Since every one wears them, they are a factor in training of all types. Shoes, and the condition of them, also play a role in maintaining healthy joints.

Many have shoes dedicated to exercise. It is common for the shoes to be months old yet look brand new. Though the
outside looks new the inside can often be worn. Worn out shoes can lead to knee pain which can lead to hip pain,
which can lead to low back pain, which can lead to a trip to the doctor and possibly time off from the gym.
( has seen this a numerous cases of joint pain disappearing with a new pair of shoes).

A new pair of shoes every 2-3 months is a great way to stay pain free and in the game. A pair of shoes should be hadfor each specific athletic activity. Yes, that means more than one pair of shoes. Seems pricey, but not when the cost ofa doctors visit or being side lined is considered. Remember you only get two knees and they are going to carry youaround the rest of your life.

Simpleton’s Guide to Shoes

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